The Real Skinny on Wilderness Therapy Programs

by Lon Woodbury on September 3, 2013

Woodbury Reports Inc.



(North Idaho, August 29, 2013)  The new Wilderness Therapy & Outdoor Adventure eBook is now available on  It is available for downloading into your smart phone, kindle or almost any electronic device with a screen.  “If a person downloads a kindle app on their smart phone, for example,” Woodbury explained, “the information in the eBook will be available wherever you are and whenever you need it.”

This eBook is the third part of the 22nd edition of our annual Parent Empowerment Handbook™ and includes explanations of what wilderness therapy is, how it can be used to help struggling teens and young people, and the basic information on those therapeutic wilderness programs with the best reputations among Independent Educational Consultants.  It is designed as a tool to help parents and professionals working with struggling teens and young people.

The Parent Empowerment Handbook™ has been a popular tool for parents and professionals working in and with the network of private, residential parent-choice schools and programs since the first edition in 1993.  This year’s edition has been updated based on a survey of the leading Independent Educational Consultants helping parents find the best resource for their child making poor decisions.

This eBook became available on last week, and in the first week of its availability moved to the top 40,000 in book sales out of the million plus titles available on  “This is encouraging,” said author Woodbury, “since this is our first attempt at selling the book this way and so few of the public even know of our network, let alone of the parent resources like this that parents can take advantage of.”

In addition to Part 3 the Wilderness Therapy & Outdoor Adventure eBook, also available on are Part 1, the Introduction to the Parent Empowerment Handbook, and Part 2, Single Sex Schools.  Additional parts will be announced on as they become available.



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